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моя публикация

III international Exhibition-internet-conference: "Energy supplying and construction", 18.11.09г.
division: the usage of renewable energy.
Subject: Pressing problems in usage of the alternative energy sources.


Pressing problems in usage of the alternative energy sources (rus).doc



мои публикации

V international theoretical and practical conference: "Tasks of the construction complex in improvement living conditions and steady development of rural territories", 21.04.09г.
Subject: Specificity of emotional perception of architectural elements in the city.


Specificity of emotional perception of architectural elements in the city (rus) .doc


Welcome to my web site! Did you have a look at my projects and found them interesting? If so, it’s time for a closer acquaintance!
My name is Tatiana Voronina. I am a private architect. I began to take interest in art when I was a child - I started from designing suits and dresses for my dolls, drawing them on a piece of paper, and putting my ideas into life. Back than, my imaginations and boundless ideas were realized in simple pictures. Later, I entered the School of Fine Arts for the children, and graduated from it with honors. During those years, I studied painting under a supervision of one of the School’s artists. By that time, I had already realized that all my life would be connected with art.

обо мне

In 2001, I entered The Russian Peoples’ Friendship University to major in Architecture and Town-Planning. There, studying building designing techniques, volume -spatial composition, philosophy of the architecture, landscape architecture, I realized that the path I had chosen was right. This understanding helped me to graduate from the university with honors and receive a MA degree. In 2004, I joined department of Architecture and Design in "Rosinter Restaurants". My first steps as a professional were taken there; there I obtained important practical skills, e.g. I designed and did oversight of the project implementation on restaurants "Il Patio", "Planeta Sushi" in the shopping mall "Zvezdochka" in Moscow, and a number of summer cafes. My next employments were with the Design Center "Art Play" - a private design bureau with the famous Moscow decorator, Diana Balashova, and later, with "Remolux Russland". Working there, for my first time I was able to demonstrate what I am worth as a private architect, carrying out "turn-key" projects from the scratch. I worked not only with private, but also with public, interior design. The striking example is the fitness center in Moscow "Fit and Fun", where I took an active part in the development of entire project documentation.

My motto is ‘Architecture is not a goal, but rather the means to achieve a goal!’ I am open to the experiments, and try to look into the future, designing residences and cottage houses in such a way, that they would remain cozy and comfortable within the next 5, or even 10 years. Therefore, I always suggest to use the most progressive building and finishing materials and up-to-date technologies, to apply bold volume -spatial decisions. I think that predetermination of the future is one of the main aspects of my work. In fact, the professional architect is not only the person, capable to create a beautiful and cozy environment you will live in, and able to design the «dream house» at your piece of mind, but also the one who is always up-to-date on the future of design and architecture and take this knowledge into account in his/her work. Probably, this is one thing that distinguishes me from other my colleagues-professionals. And now you are to choose!


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